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Intimus 16.50 shredder and baler 11.8x55
Intimus 16.50 shredder and baler 11.8x55
Intimus 16.50 shredder and baler 11.8x55
Intimus 16.50 Industrial shredder and Baler 11.8x55mm
A useful supplement to the heavy duty shredder. The Shredder/Baler Combination automatically compresses the shredded material into compact bales, reducing the volume of shredded material by about 70% as compared with collecting it in loose form. In this professional solution the shredder and baler operate in tandem. Shredder loading can continue while the baler is compressing the material. An audible “bale completed” signal sounds and the bale is ejected from the compacting chamber at the press of a button.
The economical supplement to the large document shredder: the shredded material is automatically compressed into compact bales, feeding via conveyor belt, dosage paddles pull not only smooth, but crumpled paper in the same way, rugged, wear-resistant cutting rollers made from high-grade steel for optimum cutting performance, High-power, thermally protected geared electric motor with automatic delta-wye-start, 440 mm working width; suitable for all standard computer formats, shredded material is automatically pressed into compact bales, shredder and baler operate in tandem, electronic compacting chamber level monitoring, compressing stroke is triggered automatically
  • Security level: Din 2
  • Dimensions: 120(w)x283(d)x155(h) cm
  • Sheet capacity: 350-550 sheets
  • Shred capacity 500 kg/hour
  • Particle/cut size: 11.8x55 mm
  • Working width: 500 mm
  • Motor power: 9.5kw
  • Supply voltage: 400 volt (3 phase)
  • Baler press force: 8 tonne
  • Bale weight: 60-80 kg
  • Bale dimensions: 80x60x50cm (lxwxh)
  • Weight net: 1256kg
  • Warranty 2 years machine, Cutter 5 years
  • Sheet Capacity: 350-550
  • Security Level: 2
  • Cut Size: 11.8x55mm

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