Why Do You Need a Shredder?

It is absolutely imperative you shred all un-needed documents before they leave your premises.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who can use the information from your documents for their personal gain. This can amount to substantial losses to yourself and your company. You need to secure this vital information by shredding all documents you no longer need. It is not sufficient to put them in the bin as some criminals will 'dumpster dive' or raid the rubbish bins put outside your place. The information they derive from this paperwork could undermine your business strategies and result in costing you large amounts of money and goodwill. This is allowing your knowledge and expertise to be used by others.

To a criminal, your waste paper is money in the bank. Increasing commercial fraud has made data security a major issue for all organisations. Privacy experts recommend that individuals and companies shred bills, tax documents, credit card and bank account statements, and other items which could be used by thieves to commit fraud or identity theft.

Personal Fraud Survey, July 2008:

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has found that almost $1 billion dollars has been lost by Australians to personal fraud over a twelve-month period. Other results from the survey include:

  • A total of 806,000 Australians reported they were victims of at least one incident of personal fraud in the previous 12 months. This represented 5% of the population aged 15 years and over.
  • Half a million Australians experienced a form of identity fraud. The majority 383,300 (77%) were victims of credit or bank card fraud; identity theft accounted for the balance.
  • Nearly 6 million Australians (36%) were exposed to a range of selected scams; that is they received, viewed and/or read an unsolicited invitation, request or notification designed to obtain personal information or money or obtain a financial benefit by deceptive means.
  • 329,000 people fell victim to at least one type of scam by responding to or engaging with the unsolicited offer. The three main categories of selected scams were: lotteries (84,100 victims), pyramid schemes (70,900) and phishing and related scams (57,800).

Identity Theft and Fraud

  • Protect your company information

    Your company has a duty of care to protect your customers’ and employees’ information and a legal obligation under the Data Protection Act. Shredding information is the best way to dispose of documents securely and to ensure that criminals cannot gain access to sensitive company details fraudulently. Your company has important data that needs to be protected. This can include: • Payroll Data • Personnel Files • Financial Statements • Bank statements • Sales Forecasts • Draft Tenders • Research and Development Information • Computer Printouts • Client Lists & Information • Cost Prices • Profit Margins • Staff Salaries • Legal Documents • Account Records and Ledgers • Medical Records • Tax Records • Contracts • Bids and Quotes • Expense Reports • Business and Marketing Plans • Inventory Reports, etc. Corporate fraud and industrial espionage does happen! Data protection is an essential function in your company and all staff need to be aware of this fact. Ensure your document disposal policy is communicated to all employees and all paperwork which is to be discarded is shredded to the degree of security you require.

    In 2009, 40% of Australian businesses were victims of fraud. Don’t become a statistic. Identity is everything in business – isn’t yours worth protecting? Your identity is the single most important business asset you have. It defines your professionalism and your experience, and provides rock-solid assurance to clients. Imagine losing all that.

  • Protect your client's information

    Your clients are the lifeblood of your company. The information they supply is entrusted to you - you must ensure it is secure. Paper records of their: • Invoices • Cheques • Credit Card Details • Addresses • Phone Numbers, etc, need to be shredded and not simply discarded. You wouldn't want your competitors to get hold of your client lists!

  • Protect your personal information

    Even at home, you need to protect yourself from allowing personal information to fall into the wrong hands. So shred copies of your: • Cheques • Credit Card • Bank Statements • Financial documents • Tax Records, ie., all sensitive, personal records that typically bear your name, address, and telephone number. By gleaning bits of information from a few different sources, criminals can assume your identity and take control of accounts in your name. This can destroy your credit rating and cause you problems for years. Shredding helps prevent identity theft and fraud. Don't be a victim. Be safe and shred!

"Would you like your opposition, neighbours or strangers to be reading this information?"

If your answer is "no way!", then check out our Shredders Guide

Be Green! Recycle

  • Shredded paper is readily available for recycling.

  • Reduce wastage by using it for packaging.

  • Put it in the yellow bin for responsible use of recyclable materials.

  • You will be helping to protect the environment!

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